Course: International Cambridge GCSE

Duration: 38-50 Hours


About International GCSE

International GCSEs have many of the recognized qualities of our GCSEs but have less focus on controlled assessment (coursework) and more emphasis on exams. Usually International GCSEs are taken by 14-16 year olds in schools and colleges but you can take them at any age if you want to gain a qualification in a subject you are interested in.


International GCSEs – what are they?

The qualification mainly involves studying the theory of a subject combined with some investigative work. They are usually studied full-time at school or college, taking two years to complete. Adult learners can take evening classes or teach themselves. There are no formal entry requirements and no age limits.


Why take International GCSEs?

International GCSEs are highly valued by schools, colleges and employers. They are recognized as equivalent, grade for grade, to our GCSEs. They are the first step in providing access to a range of careers or further study.


CambridgeIGCSE Subjects

Accounting, Fees:

Additional Mathematics, Fees:

Biology 35 hrs, Fees: 1090 USD

Business Studies 38 hrs, Fees: 955 USD

Cambridge International Mathematics 50 hrs,  Fees: 2055 USD

Chemistry 35 hrs, Fees: 1090 USD

Combined Science 50 hrs, Fees: 2575 USD

Computer Studies 32 hrs, Fees: 955 USD

Co-ordinated Sciences (Double Award) 50 hrs, Fees: 2575 USD

Economics 32 hrs, Fees: 955 USD

Sociology 32 hrs, Fees: 1035 USD

English as Second Language, Fees:

Environmental Management, Fees: 1145 USD

English as First Language, Fees:

English Language 42 hrs, Fees: 1225 USD

English Language and Literature, Fees:

English Literature, Fees:

First Language Arabic, 38 hrs, Fees: 1225 USD

First Language Spanish 38 hrs, Fees: 2055 USD

First Language French 38 hrs, Fees: 2055 USD

Geography 38 hrs, Fees: 1035 USD

History , Fees:

Mathematics (without coursework), Fees:

Physical Science 38 hrs, Fees: 1475 USD              

Physics 38 hrs, Fees: 1305 USD

Pschology, Fees:

Religious Studies, Fees: