Electronic Archiving Skills

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People believed that e-archiving (EDMS) is the process of converting documents, paper documents to electronic documents by scanning through scanners and storage through storage media circulation. According to this belief, many Government and private enterprises believes in no doubt that you archive all of their files and paper documents and are ready to enter the digital world and electronic government waged.

The fact that concept – assuming health-contrary- to the modern day full of electronic documents that are already stored on an electronic storage media do not require us to any scan operations, does that mean that it’s archived? If so, since there is no need for content management systems or archiving systems and just saved to the hard drive of your computer and end up.

Of course this is illogical, everything we have done here just store information not archived or so-called Imaging. EDMS is primarily responsible for the registration information of value to an enterprise to manage and keep them as long as possible or even forever. This simply means that the electronic archiving of document conversion and documentation at the end of its documentary legal records cannot prejudice or change in the original content for protection and easy access when needed, it is not enough to scan a document to tell him that archived electronically.

In fact, archiving in accordance with this concept we practice all process in everyday you when you write a letter to anyone what you are dealing here with a can modify and change but once sent this letter to her had become a record cannot modify because it already sent and here we are talking about an archived log retention period shortened or increased and disagree and conservation and its way of storing.

Therefore, the electronic archiving are simply records management process that ensures protection, maintenance and accessibility and begin from the moment of creating the document and ending
with destroyed or legacy is preserved forever, not only in volume or scanning. Log Record can be defined as information that is recorded and maintained and managed by the person or body or establishment either for legal purposes or for its value for business. Records that are no longer on any establishment kept confined to paper only, but now includes a number of information sources that are no longer as important as paper documents and mail halls and instant messages, Web pages and information sent through social networks, all of this information may be recorded in accordance with their importance.

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