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The ICDL is an end-user standard out-and-out. No programming is taught. However, obtaining the ICDL is not trivial. To obtain the ICDL a student must demonstrate practical proficiency in each of the most commonly used software tools.

The student has to pass all seven modules at a very high level, as high as 75%. The standards for the ICDL have been set jointly by the major European Computer Societies

In Europe it is known as the European Computer Driving License. The ICDL is the only European Union recognized IT qualification at present. Worldwide it is administered by the European Computer Driving License Foundation.

What is the aim of the course?

The ICDL is Platform independent and will test you in the package of your choice. (The various packages tested to date are Lotus SmartSuite, Corel Office, Microsoft Office, Open Office etc.).

Basic Concepts – covers vocabulary, applications and use of computers, IT and society and other general issues.

Using the computer and managing files deals mostly with the use of the operating system. The test is a practical one.

Word Processing – this module requires all the usual skills, plus doing such advanced tasks as mail-merge and integration with spreadsheets and graphics. The test is a practical one.

Spreadsheets – this requires a thorough familiarity with spreadsheet use. The test is a practical one.

Databases – again the test is practical.

Presentation Tools – again a practical test.

•Information and Communication – the use of electronic mail and information retrieval. The automated test is a multiple choice test, followed by a practical one.

Who can attend ICDL?

The ICDL certification programme is for anyone who needs to develop their skills and/or demonstrate that they are fully competent in the use of a computer and common computer applications. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are becoming increasingly widespread in society.

People must now use ICT (primarily via desktop computers/laptops) on a daily basis in order to engage in society and the environment around them. A competent level of computer skills (or digital literacy) is now a life requirement for personal, educational and professional engagement with society.

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