Microsoft Excel Dashboard

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The capability exists within Microsoft Excel to construct sophisticated dashboards that integrate seamlessly with data based in Microsoft Excel or in other external data sources. Using a combination of the Excel worksheet, drawing shapes, pictures, ActiveX controls, cells and charts, and sophisticated dashboards can be constructed in minimal time providing a cost effective way of a business to view its important data. Many companies are turning to constructing dashboards in Excel due to the lower cost, lower development time and because of Excel’s exceptional abilities.

Who should attend?

People with little or no experience of creating Excel Dashboards. Understanding and using Excel on a regular basis is essential. Ideally delegates have attended an Advanced Excel course or have the equivalent experience

Microsoft Office Excel is one of the best applications on the market for dashboard reporting, a technique that many Excel users may not be familiar with or know how to implement. Essentially, a dashboard report is a way to visually present critical data in summary form so that you can make quick and effective decisions, in much the same way that a car dashboard works. I’ve included some Excel dashboard samples at the end of this article. Not only do these samples illustrate the power Excel offers to create good-looking dashboards, these samples also show different types of dashboard reports.

Some Excel users may not know what a powerful tool Excel can be for dashboard reporting. It’s not often that you find Excel dashboard reports like those shown in this article.


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