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We have experienced more and more demand for Prezi training with their software becoming an ever more popular way of delivering presentations (18 million registered users in 2012). The software itself, whilst it can be worked by an untrained user, will only likely be used to its full potential by someone who has been trained. We have therefore decided to create a handy guide telling you all about the Prezi software and the training available.

Prezi can be learnt using a number of methods for whatever suits you best and depending whether you are an individual or an organization. A choice of e-Learning, Instructor led and blended courses are usually available meaning you can choose the Prezi training method which suits your preferred learning style and your budget requirements.

If you are interested in Prezi training for yourself or your organization then we are happy to organize this for you. We work with authorized Prezi training providers and trainers and only choose those who have higher than average satisfaction scores and continue to offer high quality training.


Prezi is a piece of software designed to give presentations that is flash-based and gives users an alternative to the traditional PowerPoint presentation. Prezi was officially established in 2009 and their presentation software and its usage are rising worldwide.

Prezi presentations are different to PowerPoint presentations for 2 main reasons. Firstly, the fact Prezi is flash-based means your presentations can be a lot more visually appealing, dynamic and interactive than PowerPoint presentations. This allows you to embed things such as videos and images that normally would take an advanced flash developer and a significant amount of time to do.

Secondly, Prezi presentations are a lot more fluid than PowerPoint presentations. There is no set order of slides, instead you work on a virtual ‘canvas’ and zoom in on the sections that are relevant at any point.

The key advantage of using Prezi presentations is the ability you will have to differentiate yourself. It is no secret that the vast majority of people in the business world favor PowerPoint presentations. This structured format is the best thing for some subjects, however the fluidity of a Prezi presentation as well as the ability to embed video, images and audio will allow you to impress and stand out from the crowd. Engagement is what you want in a presentation and engagement is what Prezi specializes in.

Who is Prezi for?

Prezi Training really is for anybody. The software is designed to be used in numerous situations and can therefore be used by any employee in any sector looking to create an eye-catching presentation. The possibilities really are vast.

Due to the dynamic nature and visual appeal of the presentations, they are ideally suited to situations such as pitches where you are trying to really impress your audience and appeal to all of their senses. Prezi is also often more popular in the creative industries such as design and graphics where the presentation’s Flash capabilities allow for greater freedoms then PowerPoint presentations.

Prezi can also be used over various different platforms therefore it is good for anyone who likes to prepare presentations whilst on the move as both iPads and iPhones are both Prezi compatible. Examples of Prezi presentations can be found on the software’s website – there is a good example here.

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