Service Oriented Architecture

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Faced with the most challenging business climate in decades, business leaders are demanding effective solutions that can help them achieve business results while doing more with less. They also recognize that now more than ever, driving business efficiency alone is not enough. Successfully navigating today’s turbulent economic climate also requires agility. Solutions that deliver both cost optimization and business agility will be critical to companies looking to:

  • Adapt to changing customer buying patterns
  • Respond to unforeseen business events
  • Drive growth strategies when the inevitable economic rebound comes

We now know we can’t simply rely on more resources to do our work; instead, we must work smarter:

  • We must have the agility to shift business models for leaner times.
  • We must make our business processes more dynamic to capture new insights for effective decisions.
  • We must have a smart IT platform to support this new way of working.

In short, we need Smart SOA.

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