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Communication skills course. Develop your business communication skills and build rapport with colleagues and customers. A training course focusing on effective communication and interpersonal skills for business.

Colleagues in Meeting

Business Communication Skills

  • Introduction
    - Creating a Better Model.
    - Communication Barriers. 
    - Barriers caused by structure.
    - Intrapersonal hindrances.
    - Interpersonal obstacles. 

  • Understanding Semantic Noise 
    - The role of linguistics. 
    - Exploring the concept of shared meaning. 
    - Beyond the sound bite. 
    - Listening is an action. 
    - Recognizing non-verbal cues. 
    - Too abstract, too detailed or just right?
    - Avoid emotionally loaded words and phrases.

  • Putting it All Together 
    - Effective business writing. 
    - Emails. 
    - Meeting minutes.
    - Reports. 
    - Presentations.
    - Effective speaking skills. 

  • Internal Communications 
    - Project teams. 
    - Understanding Group Dynamics.
    - Establishing your purpose. 
    - Analyzing your audience. 
    - Choosing your channels. 
    - Handling updates. 
    - Opinion leaders in the organization.
    - Employee communication. 
    - Working toward favorable outcomes. 
    - Business process documentation.


  • External Communication 
    - Marketing communication. 
    - Writing an actionable plan.
    - Coordinating messages.
    - Getting the timing right.
    - Community outreach. 
    - Choosing an option to complement your business.
    - Planning the campaign. 

Course Outline

Program fees

USD 4620

To register, please click on the tab below, or for further assistance get in touch with us on , or give us a call at 8004852

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