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Cinema 4D Training Course

Cinema 4D training course. students will learn the fundamentals of getting started with 4D and appreciate how user-friendly and fun it is to create realistic 3D images and objects.  Though 4D is a robust program, the basics will become a solid foundation to creating actual 3d geometry and using it in professional projects.




  • Navigating the workspace

  • Customizing the interface

  • Understanding various UI components

  • Setting preferences for CINEMA 4D

  • Understanding layouts

  • Moving, rotating, and scaling objects

  • Managers, and Browsers


Creating guides in the editor view

  • Interactively placing lights & adjusting their attributes in the scene

  • Measuring angles and distances

  • Working with Work-planes

  • Arranging, duplicating, and randomizing objects

  • Correcting lens distortions

  • Creating virtual walkthroughs

Working with Modes

  • Points

  • Edges

  • Polygons

  • Tool Parameters


Spline Modeling

  • Spline Sketch Tool

  • Spline Smooth Tool

  • Spline Arch Tool

  • Pen Tool

  • Splines tools and modeling techniques

  • Generator command group


Polygon Modeling

  • Polygons components

  • Polygon modeling techniques

  • Selection tools

  • Polygons structure tools

  • Splines structure tools

  • Modeling Objects

  • Deformers


  • Creating an Exterior Scene

  • Creating the Chair

  • Creating the Logo

  • Creating the Bottle

  • Creating the Flask

Program fees

USD 1,144

To register, please click on the tab below, or for further assistance get in touch with us on , or give us a call at 8004852

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