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Our English Language Intensive courses have established the firm foundation on which all our teaching is based. We offer a choice of programs for everyone who needs an improved level of English for academic, social or professional reasons.

It aims to activate and further develop your English language skills in the key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing, while expanding your vocabulary and developing your accuracy.





Things we like doing

  • Present Simple

  • Vocabulary: Hobbies & Interests

  • Speaking: Expressing likes & dislikes

  • Listening: Interview about hobbies

  • Reading: An unusual hobby

  • Writing: Letter about your hobbies

School/Work life

  • Present Simple

  • Object & Pronouns

  • Vocabulary: Frequency Expressions

  • Speaking: Talking about regular activities

  • Listening: Dialogue about timetable

  • Reading: At Home

  • Writing: Description of your usual day

A Helping Hand

  • Present Continuous

  • Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

  • Vocabulary: Housework

  • Speaking: About activities happening now

  • Listening: Radio Interview

  • Reading: Hard work and no money

  • Writing: Email about organizing a party

A healthy life

  • Countable & Uncountable Nouns

  • Vocabulary: Food and Drink

  • Speaking: Expressing quantity, talking about food

  • Listening: Restaurant dialogue

  • Reading: Getting fat or keeping fit?

  • Writing: Paragraph about food and fitness

My hero

  • Past Simple & Regular Verbs

  • Vocabulary: Phrasal Verbs

  • Speaking: About when, where you were born

  • Listening: Presentation on “My Hero”

  • Reading: The woman who lived in a tree

  • Writing: About your hero


Good friends

  • Past Simple & Irregular Verbs

  • Vocabulary: Sports

  • Speaking: Re-telling a story

  • Listening: TV comedy story

  • Reading: The start of Great Friendship

  • Writing: About an enjoyable weekend




  • Present Simple, Present Continuous and Past Simple

  • Vocabulary: Guessing meaning from context

  • Speaking: Describing temporary & permanent activities

  • Listening: Oregon Trail

  • Reading: At the bottom of the sea

  • Writing: Filling in forms

That’s an ideal

  • Past Continuous and Past Simple

  • Vocabulary: Phrases with get

  • Speaking: Describing past activities

  • Listening: Famous Inventions

  • Reading: Young girl gets prize

  • Writing: Story about an invention

She jumped well

  • Comparative and Superlative adjectives

  • Vocabulary: Antonyms

  • Speaking: Making comparisons

  • Listening: Record breaking sports people

  • Reading: Tara’s last minute win

  • Writing: Magazine report

Our World

  • Will, won’t, might / may not

  • Vocabulary: The Environment

  • Speaking: Predicting future events

  • Listening: Radio interview

  • Reading: Our fragile planet

  • Writing: website article about your town


Canada & USA

  • Present Perfect Simple

  • Vocabulary: North America & British English

  • Speaking: Checking information

  • Listening: Quiz about Canada and USA

  • Reading: Whale song

  • Writing: Email about a holiday

Growing up

  • Present Simple Passive

  • Vocabulary: Describing a person’s age

  • Speaking: Retelling a story

  • Listening: coming of age ceremony

  • Reading: From teenager to adult

  • Writing: Article about special day


Best of British

  • Present Perfect Simple

  • Vocabulary: Giving Statistics & Making generalizations

  • Speaking: How you spend your money

  • Listening: Statistics about teenagers in Britain

  • Reading: Interview with foreign student

  • Writing: Report about your lifestyle

Ways of Talking

  • Past Simple vs. Present Perfect Simple

  • Vocabulary: Body language

  • Speaking Talking about recently completed actions

  • Listening: Interview about body language

  • Reading: Sharing silence

  • Writing: Describing about friendship

A True Friend

  • Time conjunction

  • Vocabulary: Friends & Enemies

  • Speaking: Talking about friendship

  • Listening: Ghost Story

  • Reading: Are you a loyal friend?

  • Writing: Short story about a relationship

A working life

  • Present Perfect Simple

  • Vocabulary: Jobs & Work

  • Speaking: Your future/current job

  • Listening: dialogue about a dream job

  • Reading: Future Jobs

  • Writing: Job application letter


  • Future Tense

  • Vocabulary: Travel. Movement

  • Speaking: Sailing alone. Solo Journeys.

  • Listening: Interview with Ellen MacArthur

  • Reading: Going It Alone

  • Writing: Email about a trip

Live Forever!

  • Future Predictions

  • Vocabulary: verbs with prepositions

  • Speaking: Discussing causes of stress

  • Listening: Secrets of long life

  • Reading: Intelligent Machines

  • Writing: Letter to a Newspaper

Learn the English Language 

Program fees

USD 1,010

To register, please click on the tab below, or for further assistance get in touch with us on , or give us a call at 8004852

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