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Graduate Management Assesment Test

The GMAT exam helps you stand out during the admissions process. Take the one business school exam that elevates you from the rest of the pack.

Business schools trust the GMAT™ exam because it has set the standard for its ability to predict candidates' academic performance in today’s graduate management programs.

Designed by business schools for business schools, the GMAT™ exam assesses the skills most relevant to success in a graduate management program.

More than 200,000 business school candidates per year take the GMAT exam exclusively for application to graduate management education programs.

Get the most out of practice tests and resources, understand how you learn, and stay positive throughout the process. Just remind yourself that you have what it takes! Like any important goal, preparation and hard work pay off!



Program tuition fees: 1,433 USD

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Select Your Subjects


Introduction to GMAT

  • GMAT Format

  • GMAT Scoring

  • GMAT Attitude

  • GMAT Checklist


Verbal Section Strategies

  • How to manage the verbal section

  • How the verbal section is scored


Critical Reasoning

  • Question Format and Structure

  • Principles of Critical Reasoning

  • Question types


Sentence Correction

  • Principles of Sentence Correction

  • Sentence Correction Rules

  • Methods for Sentence Correction


Reading Comprehension

  • Question Format and Structure

  • Principles of Reading Comprehension

  • Methods for Reading Comprehension


Problem Solving

  • Question Format and Structure

  • Basic Principles of Problem Solving

  • Methods of Problem Solving


Data Sufficiency

  • Question Format and Structure

  • Basic Principles of Data Sufficiency

  • Methods of Data Sufficiency

  • Value Questions

  • “Yes” or “No” Questions

  • Guessing in Data Sufficiency


Word Problems

  • Word Problems Translation Table

  • Basic Principles of Word Problems

  • Methods for Word Problems in Problem Solving

  • Methods for Word Problems in Data Sufficiency


Analytical Writing Assessment

  • Essay Format and Structure

  • Methods for Analytical Writing

  • Analysis of an Issue

  • Analysis of an Argument

  • Practice Essay


Math Review

  • Number Forms

  • Relationships & Sets

  • Number Theory

  • Algebra

  • Geometry

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