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Extract relevant information from four audio passages and answer 40 questions. 30 minutes

Getting Ready to Listen

  • Understanding the context

  • Using the correct spelling

  • Writing numbers


Following a conversation

  • Identifying the speakers

  • Identifying the functions

  • Understanding the categories


Recognizing Paraphrase

  • Identifying distractions

  • Recognizing paraphrase

  • Selecting from a list


Places and Directions

  • Describing a place

  • Following directions

  • Labeling a map


Listening for actions and processes

  • Understanding mechanical parts

  • Describing an action or process

  • Describing a process


Attitude and opinion

  • Identifying attitudes

  • Persuading and suggesting

  • Reaching a decision


Following a Lecture or Talk

  • Identifying the main ideas

  • Understanding how ideas are connected

  • Understanding an explanation


Contrasting Ideas

  • Signposting words

  • Comparing & contrasting ideas

  • Using notes to follow a talk



Extract relevant information from three reading passages and answer 40 questions. One hour.

Reading Strategies

  • Using the features of reading passages

  • Skimming the passage and speed reading

  • Global understanding


Descriptive passages

  • Scanning for detail

  • Using words from passages

  • Notes/flow charts/diagram completion


Understanding the main ideas

  • Identifying the main idea

  • Understanding the main points

  • Identifying information from the passage


Locating and Matching information

  • Identifying types of information

  • Locating and matching information

  • How ideas are connected


Discursive passages

  • Discursive passages

  • Identifying theories and opinions

  • Matching features


Multiple-choice questions

  • Understanding longer pieces of text

  • Different types of multiple-choice

  • Identifying a writer’s purpose


Opinions and Attitudes

  • Argumentative texts

  • Identifying the writer’s views/claims

  • Identifying grammatical features


General training Reading

  • The General Training Reading paper

  • Dealing with multiple texts

  • Understanding work-related texts



Interpret and describe graphical information (in 20 minutes and 150 words) Or Write a letter responding to a given situation (in 20 minutes and 150 words)

and Write a discursive or argumentative essay (in 40 minutes and 250 words). A total of one hour.

Describing a chart, table or graph

  • Understanding graphs, tables & charts

  • More complex charts

  • Improving your task achievement score


Comparing & Contrasting graphs & tables

  • Avoiding repetition

  • Comparing and contrasting data

  • Grammatical Accuracy


Describing Diagrams

  • Understanding a diagram

  • Coherence and Cohesion

  • Lexical Resource


Describing Map

  • Describing a map

  • Describing changes in place

  • Grammatical Accuracy


A Letter

  • Understanding the task

  • Improving your score

  • Checking and correcting


Getting ready to write

  • Understanding the task

  • Planning and organizing your ideas

  • Writing an introduction


Expressing your ideas clearly

  • Linking ideas – cohesion

  • Lexical resource – avoiding repetition

  • Expressing a personal view


Checking and correcting

  • Developing your ideas correctly

  • Grammatical accuracy

  • Assessing your language



Participate in a speaking test consisting of three parts:

  1. an interview

  2. A long turn/ a description

  3. A two way conversation


The speaking test

  • Getting ready to speak

  • Talking about familiar topics

  • Using the right tense

  • Grammatical range and accuracy


Giving a talk

  • Understanding the task

  • Improving Fluency and Coherence

  • Organizing your notes and your talk


Talking about abstract topics

  • Talking about abstract topics

  • Agreeing and disagreeing

  • Improving your lexical resource score


Checking, correcting and assessing

  • Dealing with problems

  • Pronunciation, intonation and “chunking”

  • Assessing yourself and improving your score


Program fees

USD 368

To register, please click on the tab below, or for further assistance get in touch with us on , or give us a call at 8004852

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