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IT Diploma that is Accredited by KHDA in Dubai. This program is designed to be an introduction to the computing sector through applied learning. It will provide you the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in computer science, computer systems and core computing knowledge. See detailed learning aim and outcomes below.


 Unit 1: Principles of Computer Science 

This unit covers the principles that underpin all areas of computer science. It will develop your computational-thinking skills and you will apply those skills to solve problems.

  • Computational thinking

  • Standard methods and techniques used to develop algorithms

  • Programming paradigms

  • Types of programming and mark-up languages


 Unit 2: Fundamentals of Computer Systems 

Learners study the fundamental principles of how computer systems work, including the role of hardware and software, the way components of a system work together and how data in a system is used.

  • Hardware and software

  • Computer architecture

  • How data is represented by computer systems

  • How data is organized on computer systems

  • How data is transmitted by computer systems

  • The use of logic and data flow in computer systems


 Unit 3: Digital Graphics and Animation 

Learners will study the principles, processes and implications of using digital formats to produce and process graphics and animation to meet identified requirements.

  • Investigate the purpose and principles of digital graphics and animation

  • Design digital graphics and animation products to meet client requirements

  • Develop digital graphics and animation products to meet client requirements


 Unit 4: IT Systems Security and Encryption 

Learners will study IT system security threats and the methods used to protect against them. Learners undertake activities to protect IT systems from security threats, including data encryption.

  • Understand current IT security threats, information security and the legal requirements affecting
    the security of IT systems

  • Investigate cryptographic techniques and processes used to protect data

  • Examine the techniques used to protect an IT system from security threats

  • Implement strategies to protect an IT system from security threats.

Diploma in Information Technology

Program fees

USD 3,465

To register, please click on the tab below, or for further assistance get in touch with us on , or give us a call at 8004852

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