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Internet of Things training course will help you expand your knowledge and skills in the same. The impact that the IoT has had on the world has been significant – and it’s only getting started. You might be surprised to learn how many things are connected to the Internet, and how much economic benefit we can derive from analyzing the resulting data streams.



The IoT Landscape

  • Applications & Architectures

  • Wireless Networks & Devices

  • Security and Privacy

  • Event-Driven Systems

  • IoT System Architectures

  • Protocols Concepts

  • IoT-Oriented Protocols

  • Databases, Time Bases & Security


IoT Devices

  • IoT Device Design Space

  • Cost of Ownership & Power Consumption

  • Cost per Transistor & Chip Size

  • Duty Cycle & Power Consumption

  • Platform Design


Industrial Internet of Things

  • IoT Architecture

  • Basic Technologies

  • Applications and Challenges


Event-Driven System Analysis

  • Previous Work

  • Motivating Example


IoT Network Model

  • Networks

  • Devices and Hubs

  • Single-Hub Networks

  • Multi-hub Networks

  • Network Models and Physical Networks


IoT Event Analysis

  • Event Populations

  • Stochastic Event Populations

  • Environmental Interaction Modeling

  • Event Transport and Migration


Security and Safety

  • Systems Security

  • Network Security

  • Generic Application Security

  • Application Process Security & Safety

  • Reliable-Secure-Design IoT Applications

  • Run-Time Monitoring


Security Testing IoT Systems

  • Fuzz Testing for Security

  • Fuzzing Industrial Control Network Systems

  • Fuzzing Modbus

Internet of things training course

Program fees

USD 1,208

To register, please click on the tab below, or for further assistance get in touch with us on , or give us a call at 8004852

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