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Our Microsoft Project course teaches you how to gain greater control of resources and finances to resolve conflicts over allocations; quickly access the information you need; and track projects according to your needs. You will also learn how to track projects based on your needs, customize the program according to your satisfactions and for your specific project and always have access to help when you need it with a wealth of assistance included in Project, such as search engines, smart tags and wizards.


 Course Outline 


The Project interface: Finding your way around

  • The Backstage view: Managing files and setting options

  • The ribbon and tabs: Finding the features you want

  • Views: Working with schedule details the way you want

  • Reports: Seeing project status in new ways


Starting a new plan

  • Starting a new plan, and setting its start date

  • Setting nonworking days in the project calendar

  • Entering the plan’s title and other properties


Building a task list

  • Entering task names

  • Entering task duration

  • Entering a milestone task

  • Creating summary tasks to outline the plan

  • Creating task dependencies with links

  • Switching task scheduling from manual to automatic

  • Checking the plan’s duration and finish date

  • Documenting tasks with notes and hyperlinks


Setting up resources

  • Entering work resource names

  • Entering resources’ maximum capacity

  • Entering resource pay rates

  • Adjusting working time in a resource calendar

  • Setting up cost resources

  • Documenting resources with notes


Assigning resources to tasks

  • Assigning work resources to tasks

  • Controlling work when adding or removing resource assignments

  • Assigning cost resources to tasks

  • Checking the plan’s duration, cost, and work


Formatting and sharing your plan

  • Customizing a Gantt Chart view

  • Customizing a Timeline view

  • Customizing reports

  • Copying views and reports

  • Printing views and reports


Tracking progress

  • Saving a baseline of your plan

  • Tracking a plan as scheduled through a specific date

  • Entering a task’s completion percentage

  • Entering actual values for tasks

  • Advanced task scheduling

  • See task relationships with Task Path

  • Adjusting task link relationships

  • Setting task constraints

  • Interrupting work on a task

  • Adjusting working time for individual tasks

  • Control task scheduling with task types


Fine-tuning task details

  • Entering deadline dates

  • Entering fixed costs

  • Setting up a recurring task

  • Viewing the project’s critical path

  • Scheduling summary tasks manually


Fine-tuning resource and assignment details

  • Setting up resource availability to apply at different times

  • Entering multiple pay rates for a resource

  • Setting up resource pay rates to apply at different times

  • Setting up material resources

  • Delaying the start of assignments

  • Applying contours to assignments

  • Applying different pay rates to assignments

  • Assigning material resources to tasks

  • Viewing resource capacity

Microsoft Project Training Course

Program fees

USD 1,334

To register, please click on the tab below, or for further assistance get in touch with us on , or give us a call at 8004852

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