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Grade 10

Private Tuition

ITI Private tutoring in Grade 10 helps the students to increase their understandings about specific subjects. School students may receive after school academic supports in all the subjects listed below from our experienced tutors.



It allows each student to progress through a subject at the pace and in the manner which best suits them. Each subject is bespoke to the student, and tutors are encouraged to allow for a students’ learning style when devising their schemes of work. If their abilities allow, students can move faster through a program without the need to wait for others, and with the undivided attention of their tutor can explore each subject in as much depth as their interest dictates.

Students who are having difficulty with any part of their subject find that their tutor is able to give them as much support and time as is necessary to overcome any difficulties.

In addition, individual tuition allows for infinite flexibility in terms of the intensity and duration of subjects. Each course at ITI is designed specifically for each student. The term dates and duration of vacations are also set individually. Some students follow the normal pattern of the academic year. Others, whether because of family travel plans or involvement in sports or the performing arts, have their periods of study adjusted to fit their requirements.


It is fairly common for pupils to begin their studies at ITI in the middle of the academic year either because of a move from abroad or because of an unexpected departure from school. Some pupils come to re-take examinations after leaving school in order to strengthen their position when applying to universities.

Individual tuition allows school and university students to supplement current work in a targeted fashion. It has become an increasingly popular method of intensive preparation and revision for various examinations during holidays and for additional instruction outside normal school hours and on weekends.

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  • English

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​____________________________________________ Subject Fees: 1,982 USD

  • Mathematics

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 2,551 USD​​

  • Science

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 3,848 USD​​​

  • Geography

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 1,982 USD

  • French

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 2,551 USD

  • Arabic

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 1,982 USD​​​

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