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SAT 11

Scholastic Assessment Test

SAT Subject Test or SAT II

SAT II or Subject Tests are designed to measure a student’s knowledge and skills in particular subject areas, as well as his ability to apply that knowledge. Students who want to apply to the Top 15-20 universities in the US are required to take SAT Subject Test.


An Achievement Test by any other name… The SAT II is a set of more than 20 different tests focusing on specific disciplines such as English, History and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Foreign Languages. Each Subject Test lasts one hour and consists entirely of multiple-choice questions, except for the Writing Test, which has a 20-minute essay section in addition to a 40-minute multiple-choice section.


Course Contents
The examination is entirely a paper-based Test. The test is scored on a maximum of 800. SAT II Subject tests are one-hour tests offered in the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths Level 1, Maths Level 2, English Literature, US History, World History and Languages.


How does SAT 2 differ from SAT l

SAT I is largely a test of verbal and math skills. True, you need to know some vocabulary and some formulas for the SAT I, but it’s designed to measure how well you read and think rather than what you know. The SAT II is very different. It’s designed to measure what you know about specific disciplines. Sure, critical reading and thinking skills play a part on these tests, but their main purpose is to determine exactly what you know about writing, math, history, chemistry, and so on.


Who can attend SAT ll


The SAT II subject tests are required for students who intend to apply to more competitive universities in the United States. most universities require any 3 SAT II subject tests to be taken while some universities may specify the exact tests to be taken. Usually, more competitive schools will require specific SAT II tests for students applying to specific faculties. For example, an Engineering faculty might specifically require the SAT II Physics and/or Math IIC. As a general rule, always check with the university of your choice to find out what exactly are the requirements before sitting for the subject tests.


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Select Your Subjects


  • Biology

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​____________________________________________ Subject Fees: 2,566 USD

  • Chemistry

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 2,566 USD​​

  • English Language

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 1,982 USD​​​

  • French Language

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 2,566 USD

  • Math Level 1

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 2,566 USD

  • Math Level 2

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 2,566 USD

  • Physics

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 2,566 USD

  • Spanish Language

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 3,428 USD

  • U.S History

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 2,566 USD

  • World History

----------------------------------------------------- Subject Fees: 2,566 USD

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