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Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks.

Similing Team

Team Building Course

Principles of Team Building

  • Define success criteria

  • Lead by example

  • Value all contributions

  • Reward group success


Team Examples

  • Development Team

  • Customer Support Team

  • Steering Team


The Four Cs of Team Development

  • The Search for the High-Performing Team

  • Context: Laying the Foundation for Team Success

  • Composition: Getting the Right People on the Bus

  • Competencies: Developing Team Skills for High Performance

  • Change: Devising More Effective Ways of Working Together

  • Bringing the Four Cs Together

  • Designing a Team-Building Program

Solving Specific Problems Through Team Building

  • Managing Conflict in the Team 

  • Overcoming Unhealthy Agreement

  • Reducing Conflict Between Teams


Team Building in Different Kinds of Teams

  • Managing the Temporary Team

  • High-Performing Virtual Teams

  • Managing Inter-organizational (Alliance) Teams


The Challenge of Team Building for the Future

  • Challenges for Building Effective Teams

Course Outline

Program fees

USD 1258

To register, please click on the tab below, or for further assistance get in touch with us on , or give us a call at 8004852

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